Grayscale engraving power

I havn’t had much of a chance to play with the grayscale engraving. How do I controll the maximum power output for a custom material on a GF basic? Say if I have a depth map going from pure black to pure white but I never want the laser to exceed 20% power at 500 speed, do I control that in the UI or by adusting the image values?

Thanks for any feedback!

This is totally doable in the GFUI.

Use the manual settings dialog. Set the speed at 500 and the power to 20. (BTW, that’s not 20%, it’s 20 power units as GF defines them.)

You can also modify the minimum power applied to non-white portions by using the slider to set that.

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Great! Thanks for the quick feedback.

Curious to how many levels the cut power is reacting to,
would a 8bit vrs 16bit gray make a diffirence? Or does 20 power units mean 20 levels?

Hard to tell. I don’t believe it’s stepped but is infinitely variable - they made a trick power supply to do that. But even though the power supply might be able to react to the difference between only a single level change within the grayscale range, your eyes are not as likely to see it. For all intents and purposes though you don’t need to worry about the GF limiting you - if you can, use the highest levels of precision your software allows - 16bit will give you better results than 8bit.

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