Great American Eclipse

Great American Eclipse Roadtrip
Day 1:

An easy day of driving - 8 hours and stop at Palo Duro Canyon while still daylight; eight hours is a pretty short day of driving when I’m on a trip and trying to get somewhere.

I make camp with just enough time to take a quick drive around the park and get the lay of the land. Colored layers of sedimentary rock line the towering cliff sides - it really is beautiful and kind of ashamed that this is the first time I’ve stopped in.

Dusk approaches and hunger sets in so I make a quick fire and heat up the best quick camp meal known to man: Dinty Moore Beef Stew. I’m not joking. The Milky Way is rising over the cliffs just to the south of where I’m camped. And a high bank of clouds starts to roll in from the north. Drat!

The campsites at Palo Duro are set down in the canyon, so visibility to the horizon is poor. But flickers of light bouncing across the bottom of the incoming clouds catch my attention. Lightning. A storm. I love a good storm.

Driving up through the canyon and I can’t find the storms angle of approach permitting a single decent location. Drat again! Watching the radar (RadarScope: a must have!) I know that it’s fixing to hit with reckless abandon. My phone dings with a Severe Storm notice warning of 60 mph winds, torrential rainfall and hail just minutes before 60 mph winds starts to rock the truck, torrential rainfall obscures any view I might have, and hail starts to play musical notes across the hood and cab of my truck.

I’m not sure if my tent is still there, I’m a bit wet but I’m not electrocuted and I captured a pretty decent image - so who could complain?

I love how fluid this lightning appears on the right edge of the frame.

Now, I wonder what Day 2 is going to bring.




Great photo and glad you didn’t get washed away in your tent!


LOVE the photo!!!

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Wow that was a nice capture. Sounds like a fun road trip.


Your photography is just breathtaking. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nice shot. Lightning traveling horizontally is rare on the East coast. t’s always rain, a massive white flash, cannon shot and anything tall is dead or smoking. BAM! And then another and another.


Ach so jealous! We were in the Grand Canyon a few years back (road tripped from Phoenix north, up and around the east rim all the way to the Zion National Park and then down to Vegas) and tried so many times to get shots like that. Superb job!

…hope the tent’s still there… :confused:


Amazing photo!


That is a great photo. For the longest time photographing lightning was on my bucket list. This was when I was using a 20yo 35mm Canon though, and I didn’t have a remote switch with a lockout. So I tried by sitting in my back yard with my camera on a tripod, with a 4 second shutter… guessing if lighting would strike while the shutter would open.

I did finally get a blurry one… but now that I have the proper equipment and a DSLR and don’t have to run through several rolls of film… it’s much easier.


the 12-year-old reports you can do it on regular Canon point-and-shoots by installing CHDK…


WOW!! Beautiful sights…stay safe and hope your tent is still up…lol :scream:

Wow, what a great catch! Great photography.

WOW - through this forum there have been many off topic gems - this is another brilliant one.
Just updated my Powershot SX280HS


Magnificent photo!

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