Great resource for tilings

In many designs it is nice to have a tiling pattern for holes or just decoration. This website allows you to search through thousands of tiling patterns to find unique ones for your next design.


Interesting. It looks a little confusing for me. My brain isn’t thinking that straight right now to understand all the stars, the countries listed, etc.

Cool :slightly_smiling_face: I have an android tiling app that I cannot find better to do with so am rotating them with other stuff as my avatar. :grin:

Oh that’s gorgeous! Searching just by country is brilliant if you don’t know what you’re building yet. This one is from Morocco and I think it’ll make a brilliant start to a layered mandala.

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Whee! Like this :slight_smile: I haven’t cut this yet, but I was inspired. The bottom should make a lovely 4 layered mandala - the top is the shape from the tile duplicated and unioned inside each other.
Layered Mandala Moroccan_V2

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