Great way to greet the day

I woke up this morning to two texts from UPS informing me that a 79-pound and a 14-pound package will be delivered by end of day TODAY!!! (We live in the SF Bay Area, so there wasn’t really time for UPS to give us any more advance warning than that.) The proofgrade package arrived yesterday. And other than my kids having gymnastics this morning, our weekend calendar is totally open. There will be much maker fun going on here!


Congratulation!!! That’s great! Nice to have an open calendar to get the fun rolling!

Congrats! Hope it gets there before tonight. (They tend to save the heavy ones for the end of the run.) :grinning:

Well, so much for that. After waiting patiently all day (including making a special celebratory dinner with a chocolate cake made by my 13-year-old), I looked at the UPS app, and it said “exception.” :tired_face: Apparently, they “weren’t able to dispatch the trailer in time.” Sigh.


It’s here!!! We made our Founder ruler and a plaque.


Oh congrats! Glad it finally made it! (Cute duck!) :grinning:

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