Greetings from the March 2016 Blizzard... (non-laser)


Wherein I measure snow, and then faceplant in it.

(Since we took that video two hours ago, we’ve gotten three more inches.)


Hey look! It’s an average spring day here in Canada! :wink:

But seriously. That’s a lot of snow! Love the jump in. Haha.


So much snow!! 10/10 on that snow-dive, perfect form!


Yeah, I just dug my neighbor out, her car stuck a block from home. Here in Denver (still coming down/sideways) it wasn’t quite knee deep…
Big storm, with a lot of water in it, not Champaign powder.
Where are you @morganstanfield?


Missed us in Southern Wi, but there were threats of snow.


Here in New Mexico it’s tumble weed season. The wind has hit gust of 50mph and ripped my flag off of my house last night.


I’m in delightful Louisville, heart of suburbia.


I miss snow.
Well no, not really, but that sure looks like fun.


my fiance has never experienced real snow, and i actually do miss snow. I’m actually quite tired of the Florida heat :wink:


Portland Oregon. Raining.


70 degrees, sunny, and boring here.
Damn I miss Colorado.


Oh hello! I’ve wondered who was fairly nearby. I’m in Silverton…not too far away.


We’re actually planning a trip to Salem mass in October for Halloween. Not snow season, but at least everything won’t be just green… (maybe we can sneak up to Canada and visit @JeremyNielsen ;))

sorry, got excited


Oklahoma City… 78 and really really windy!!


I love this! I’m a snow-loving Wisconsin boy that moved to the beach in Southern California, but I really miss winter. Every time I see the snow covered mountains on my drive to work, I am soooo tempted to stay on the freeway and head up to enjoy the cold!

Have fun with it! :slight_smile:



Believe it or not, in parts of Missouri here we got pretty much no snow this year, and we are bummed about it.


Yeah, I’m jealous of the Colorado folks with their snow. But it is great to see all the green coming out all over. Wonderful day today, but the wind is wild right now.


Its about 44F right now (6:36am), forecast to be about 70F this afternoon, Santa Cruz, California.
With the humidity it feels about 10F colder, and the breeze drops that a bit more. When the sun comes up yet it will feel really nice by about 9:30, low 60’s is my preference.


We’ll get together when the time arrives.