Grey Lightning: More Tabletop Terrain Building (this time it's hills)



Here ya go:



Literally just watched this a few minutes ago!
I love the way the wooden hill turned out. This is a very similar process to what I want to do but I was going to smooth out the steps using bondo to give it a more natural look.


I think you’re right. Unless you are deliberately going for a terraced look, a little infill would make the hill much more realistic. Maybe papier mache would be an inexpensive alternative.


Or chipboard with papier mache or even spackle - Dow I think makes a super lightweight fast drying one.

Edit: actually it’s Red Devil


I think that just because you have a laser, it doesn’t mean everything is best made on a laser. Unless you are going for geographic accuracy from a map (depth chart), doing it on a laser doesn’t seem like the most efficient way of doing it (IMHO). :neutral_face: - Rich


I think this would have been great done with a wooden base layer and cardboard for the rest and then filled with some sort of filler. Her process for building everything is great it just seems a little expensive :stuck_out_tongue:


The crystal parts are a perfect task for a laser, and maybe the terrain too, but using just cardboard.