Grey out left hand thumbnails if the group is not being cut

It would be a really useful and obvious indicator that an item would not cut if the thumbnail on the left hand side greyed out (or similar) to indicate “no cut”.

When the item is out of bounds of the cut or engrave.

In fact, while I’m here, it would be handy if they were colour coded by engrave/score/cut/ignore too.

Just ran a big job when I discovered the tiny engrave in the top left didn’t!!


If you mouseover the design square for each step in the left side bar the lines/graphics assigned to that step light up red/orange/blue instead of gray. I always check my settings and placement using that method and haven’t had a skipped step yet.


Yes, you are right. I just want something more obvious.

In this particular case, the non-lasered item was on the left edge and obscured by the pop-out settings anyway.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll make sure the team gets them.