Greyhound Engraving: Which version do you like best?

One of these engravings are going to a dog club auction. So far opinions are split so we agreed we would let public opinion decide.
Which one do you like best?

(OK, now that I’ve posted them, I realize these aren’t really THAT different and I’m being kinda nit-picky trying to decide. Oh well… :slight_smile: )

_____________________ #1__________________________________________________#2


I prefer the one on the right. In the photograph, higher contrast and the wood grain seems more harmonious with the engraving.


Right. Who will start the bedding at $10,000?

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I like the border of the one on the left and the interior part of the one on the right. How’s that for indecisive?

You do have a laser, so you could Frankenstein them together.


I’m with @rotors- left border and right interior. Great work!


Which ever you decide to chuck send to my way. Very nice but I would say ourter of the left with the interior of the right.

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Same left border and right interior, but fantastic engraves on both!

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I agree left border right interior. Both acceptable.

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Love em both but I’m going with the crowd as well—left border, right interior. But if I had to choose one over the other it would be the right one—I like the stronger contrast.


I would go along with the rest, my first impression was that the interior of the left was sufficient but the stronger border looked very much better, but close up the darker border is coarser and parts of the interior seem to be missing, so that throws it to the right as the winner. If you could manage the barest stain or increase in definition of the border without ruining it, it would be perfect.

Yep, I’m a lemming. I agree with the crowd on this too.

I prefer the one on the right a little more.

Right with left border. :sunglasses:

I agree. Left trim and right center.

Have to agree with everyone. Right with left border. Detail stands out better on the right, draws the eye. But the border isn’t as nice as the left. The darker engraves on the left border are way nicer.

Overall, I prefer the one on the right.

If we are being nitpicky, I prefer the dogs and rabbit of the one on the right. And the background and seagull of the one on the left. And the flourishes of the one on the left.

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I agree with everyone else.
Left border, Right interior.
Overall, the right one.

I wouldn’t say no to either one, actually. :smile:

Y’all are killing me LOL. That was exactly my dilemma. I liked the darker one better, but I didn’t like the frame as much. Instead of just leaving well enough alone, I spent a few hours mashing the two together. I just couldn’t get the score on the border to look clean enough for my taste, so I tried engraving the details instead.

I used Birch ply for this one instead of Basswood and it look like a burnt mess when it was done. I stuck it under the water faucet and scrub the heck out of it. I clamped it to a couple of hefty rulers to help keep it flat and then stuck it in my dehydrator for a few hours. The dehydrator worked better than expected :slight_smile:



Wonderful Detail! Amazing!