Grinding NOISE --- What is happening I thought the update fixed this ?>?

My machine was fixed and working beatifully with the Fix several days ago.

Now is grinding it self : what is happening. ??:???

Im very afraid this UPDATE is going to break my machine !!!

Check your rails and belts for debris.

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We just cleaned the machine , This is the same garbage that happened a few days ago did you forget ?

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The issue that happened a few days ago did not cause machines to make new noises. If you just cleaned it, check to make sure you got the carriage belt back on the right way. You could also have a broken wheel.


Yes it did, It made the exact same sound. The System is Down . I have two machines. Please take note.

Okay, fine. I’ve taken note. But cloud processing issues won’t make your machine make grinding noises, so if you want to get them operational again, look for mechanical issues.


As I noted on your other ticket this is not due to an update or service issue that affected my machine, so I would look at a mechanical issue first.


I see that you’ve reached out to us with two separate snags on two other forum posts. In order to ensure we are capturing all of the right information, and keeping them separate, I’m going to close this thread, and follow up on the other two posts.