Grindy bearing

Small but problematic issue, one of the v bearings on my machine is getting very grindy. I have tried cleaning it and oiling but every few cuts it starts to grind and stick again. It has lead to no noticable inaccurate cuts but is becoming audible (especially noticable when calibrating). I believe my machine is still under warranty but I would actually like to purchase a few spares as well, is this possible?


I have been waiting to see machine components in the store. bearings, belts, fans, tube…
all of the (potential) consumables. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’m glad to hear that it hasn’t caused any issues with your prints and it’s certainly something we’d like to help you with before it does! Can you share a photo of the specific part that seems to be the problem?

Thank you for the photo, we’ll get you taken care of. I’ll follow up in email so we can verify your shipping address and get a replacement part headed your way.