Ground Control to Major TOM

Sadly my original GF Tom Servo had to go back to the mothership and GF 2.0 has arrived safe and sound today! The new unit is dubbed “Major TOM” (Tool Of Mine). I recently watched @marmak3261 iconic unboxing video where he kept exclaiming how good the GF smelled and laughed becasue I now know exactly what he meant. It’s akin to the new car smell. My original Tom Servo quickly smelled and looked like the inside of a yellowed dive bar and having Major Tom smell so fresh and new made me hesitate to dirty it up. But of course that feeling passed pretty quickly. :slight_smile:

@Rita thanks for the help. The new unit’s lid fits great and the exhaust issue is completely gone without changing the setup at all. On the best day, the old unit didn’t exhaust as well. I’ve done four prints now and things look good. Interestingly enough, my hubby mentioned that it sounded a bit quieter as well. (Could be our imagination though.) I am very impressed with the speed this was taken care of, thanks again.

For those keeping track of such things, the box arrived in relatively good shape and all the handles and tape were in place. UPS clearly dropped something on the edge and it took a hard hit, but the unit inside was untouched.

The irony of this pic wasn’t lost on me.


Very fitting escutcheon!!


So glad things worked out great for you!

Glad you are back to forging … with your well adorned Major Tom.

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Anything that has a “Tom” in it is certainly a winner.


Glad to see Major TOM settling in nicely… congrats on your forever :glowforge: :grinning:

Maybe TOMorrow :wink:

Well, you know what they say…

Tom heals all wounds.
And the Stones sang “Toooooooooom is on your side. Yes he is.”


That picture with the sticker shows international language for ‘This End Down’