Grounding for Dust

I was reading online that dust control systems are usually grounded and should be for safety. I’m a little worried about my Glowforge dust system. I have this hose

attached to my Glowforge with an inline fan and then another one similar to that which goes out the window. I don’t know if this is something I need to do but I read that I should be doing it. I’ve been trying to ground it. I attached copper wire to the wire that runs through the tubing and then grounded that. Will that work? I’m not at all familiar with this

What is the purpose of grounding it?

With shop dust collection systems, I believe the concern is that the highly flamable sawdust will ignite. What is coming out of the Glowforge has already been burned. So, there wouldn’t be that concern.


the case of the glowforge is a polymer, which is an effective insulator. Any static charge that is generated in the vent line won’t have any effect on the machine.

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Dust collection advice does not translate directly to exhaust handling for a Glowforge. Dust collection and exhaust are two different processes, the particles typical to dust collection are much larger and prone to causing static electricity during the process, exhaust particles from laser activity are much smaller and not typically capable of creating a similar static charge.

There is no need to ground an exhaust system.

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And I’m too tired to find the link now, but recall that there was a big fuss years ago about problems with static buildup in home workshop dust collection systems, which was later shown to be not that much of an issue. But wise of you to investigate a safety concern!

Thank you all for the responses!

I read something online and I was thinking along the lines of sawdust and static discharge building up but it didn’t even occur to me that the dust from the Glowforge is already burned :woman_facepalming:

Those hoses have been great in reducing smells for me so I wanted to continue to use them but wasn’t sure if there is an issue with static discharge.

Usually when there is the need to collect sawdust, the raw volume of particles is far greater, Just as the width of the saw cut is ten times the width of the laser, so the volume is equally ten times as much, burned or not.

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