Grouping in GFUI

I know this has been discussed before but it is causing me grief.
I have over 190 different engravings that I do on wooden thumb drives depending on the files in the drive.
Before this change in the GFUI I could just drag the engraving I needed onto the thumb drive and delete all of the others. Now I have to go to the design, pull the engraving out of a box and then save the file and open the GFUI. If I need to engrave a different name I have to go back in the design, pull the engraving out of a box. Save the file. Reopen the file in the GFUI, etc., etc., etc.

Which change???

I take it you are using a tablet? Perhaps you cold use one of the cloud storages; as 200 images even in SVG would not overload a free account.

No I am using a MacBook. It’s not the storage, it’s the going back and forth editing the files.

The change that grouped all of the items in the GFUI unless they were surrounded by a box.

Very confused what process you are talking about then. I have many folders and sub-folders, some with several stages of work, but whatever I am cutting gets drag and dropped into the GFUI. Is it the zipped files to GFUI you are having trouble with?

No this is not about zipped files. It is about not being able to select one element in a file that is in the GFUI.

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I’m not seeing that behavior (or I’m completely missing your point).

When a users loads a file with a number of objects (2, 15, 200, etc.) into the GFUI, they are “boxed” initially (so the user can place the entire design as desired). If the user then clicks anywhere outside that box, each individual object may then be selected and moved.


I didn’t know that either. (Hadn’t tried to shift anything out of the box, but I set things up the way I want them in the design software.) :smile:

That is “GOOD TO KNOW”!


Sometimes I’ve noticed when you have a large number of elements the gfui groups them.

I complained about it in a thread ages ago, far as I know there’s no fix.

Well I am not seeing that now either.
I reduced the number of elements in the file and it allowed me to ungroup them in the GFUI.
I’ll try upping the number of elements and see what happens.

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Ok, I was finally able to replicate the grouping behavior you described… If there are more than 200 individual objects in the file, they will be grouped in such a way that they cannot be individually moved, resized, copied, or deleted.

I presume this is to help keep very large / complex designs from “coming apart” when moved and is considered by GF to be a feature rather than an issue.

Obviously, this works against your use case. ¯\(ツ)/¯


I always have everything set up in my design app, also…but, there are times when this comes in handy. If, for instance the the earrings I’ve been making have more than one piece to them and are being cut from scrap, I need to break the file up into parts to put it in the available small spaces…not as one unified file. Clear as mud?


Alright, I see a bit clearer what you are talking about. If there is a part of a design that goes completely around a design, everything inside is fixed in the GFUI. If it is outside you can move it even if several bits are the same color. If you have an image and copy paste it in the GFUI each image will engrave separately, but all will follow the single time you set it up. If you copy paste in Inkscape or other, every image will have to be set up on its own layer.

I was creating a shape to test if everything fell in the material but found it blocked my ability to move stuff about separately. However if that outline was broken into side by side parts then things inside could be moved.

Having so many pieces that the GFUI just throws up its hands and will not let you move anything I have not seen.


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