Do anyone know where I could get a design mass produced. I have a product I been selling for a while now but I am no longer able to keep up with the quantity. My design would is a mixture wood and acrylic. Do anyone know vendor that can produce 2000 units?

If you’re scaling up to very large amounts you might want to consider other manufacturing processes. Depending on the design, die cutting can be far faster and less expensive than laser cutting at volume.

As for large volume laser services, you’re one google away. I’d personally look for a local service so that I could more quickly iterate with them. In Atlanta, I’ve used big blue saw, but there are several others.


Google not much help finding a manufacture. I was hoping to get pointed to a site. I will look into the die cutting. Thanks for the quick reply.

I searched for “laser cutting services Atlanta” and got several results.

Try this service:

There might be someone on 100000 Garages who fits your needs. There’s a “submit bid requests” feature. A lot of fabbers on there with bigger laser systems.

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