Gryffindor Quidditch Edge Lit

In addition to the small Harry Potter notebook, I created an edge lit sign for an 9 year old’s birthday who is really into reading Harry Potter. I’m sure he’ll think the LED light is cool at least.


Very nice!

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Looks good! Where do you buy your LED bases? I’ve seen them on Amazon and eBay. Just curious where everyone else is getting them and how they like them.

I buy them for about 6 bucks each off of eBay, and they come from China, so they take a while to get here. I can get them off Amazon much quicker but only buy them if I need something right away otherwise I keep a stock of them.

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Totally cool! :sunglasses:

Oh, very nice! The HP fan will be thrilled.

Really crisp engrave and I’m sure it will be appreciated…