Guess the date


What day will the first email go out to us Glowforgers asking for a shipping address?

In fact we can include the date and the time of the email (PACIFIC TIME ZONE).

I’ll be girst to guess: Friday, March 3rd at 0915 PST.


April 1 2017, 5pm pst


Would that be to the first wave or to the specific individual?


Whadda we win? :smile:


Sorry, no.


I’m a betting man. But I’ve no interest in setting myself up for failure.

  • Tom


Can we bet glowforge owner slips? Some sort of really bad version of fast and glowfurious?

June 15 my guess.


Nice date choice lol


What the heck…I’ll play along. March 15, 3pm PST.


On one hand, I’d be March 1st because that’s the first date specified in the window. I reallly would be happy with a Glowforge working like the one I have now. But I haven’t paid much attention to the 3d capabilities and I also ordered a Basic. So the pass through slot is totally an unknown for me. I could be busy from now until March 1st cranking out stuff and be content. The turning over and doing a full 1/2 inch might be something that I’d like to do, but gluing two 1/4 inch thick pieces together would work.

So March 1st it is.


technically didn’t you already receive a request for a shipping address?


Yeah, but he’s gotta give it back.

But at least he will probably get his keeper before he has to ship it back.


June 20. Then I’m also guessing some time off to basket in the GF glow…


Not to be a curmudgeon, but Sept 30. Lots of work to be done.

(Difference between a pessimist and an optimist: the pessimist is sometimes pleasantly surprised :slightly_smiling_face:)



(Don’t knock it…eventually I’m going to be right.) :wink:


Damn autocorrect BASK in my laser light glow! Ha!


i liked basket…:smile:


When a previous employer was going through some serious RIFs, the saying around the office that an optimist was someone that brought his lunch to work and a pessimist left his engine running when he parked in the company lot.

I say July 6, 2017.


Clever, but cheating. :joy:


Always stack the odds in your favor when you can. :wink: