Guess what I found in my email... THE GOLDEN TICKET! (of relevance to Canadians)


I mentioned on Sunday that my email estimator came and went and I had not received an email.
well, tonight, at around 1am, the magic words " Your Glowforge Is Ready" beamed at me from the pale shattered screen of my phone…

the email started off by noting that I had already received said email, but since I reached out to support saying otherwise they are sending it again. where the original email went I don’t know. it is possible it was swiped by Arthur Slugworth (that’s another willy wonka reference: look it up).

I do not remember if, when putting down the cash back in ol’ 2015 we were requested to submit a shipping address. I though I must have provided a Canadian address, since my invoice included an extra 100$ shipping charge. I assumed that’s for international shipping. maybe not.
but when clicking on the golden email I was magically ushered to a page asking me for a shipping address for the 3 enchanted boxes. trying to enter my Canadian address, I was met with a red warning -as if I tried to sample some Fizzy Lifting Drinks- letting me know that only US orders are being fulfilled at the time, and if I was an international customer I should contact
not wanting to be disposed through the garbage chute by the oompa-loompas, I provided my Freeport Forwarding US address instead.

having heard from preother users that the import process was quite painless (and I’ve used that company before) I believe that delivering it to the USA is possibly a better option for most users who live close enough to the border. it also beats having to practically take the day off because"I have to sign a UPS package"…

what now? I might open a “ask me anything” post on reddit…
on the other hand, if you are a peasant who has yet to receive The Email, and are confined to using primitive tools such as scissors and knifes to part materials, don’t even try to talk to me.

Cheers! I’m going to join the echelon off the island!



All U.S. orders were charged the extra $100 for shipping.

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Congratulations!! Can’t wait to see what concoctions you produce now that you’re scissorless and cutting with a beam of light.

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Congrats! :grinning:

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Great! You are due a large dose of excitement after the repeated soul crushing delays!
A great adventure awaits you :star_struck::sunglasses:


thank you all!
now that I see my purchase history it actually looks like I paid 200$ for shipping. I have a discount for 100$, because I think I used a referral link, and my total is still 1995$. so is that for extra international shipping? if it is maybe I’ll ask for a reimbursement, or a credit perhaps…

That’s just where the referral link line item discount falls on the invoice. If I remember correctly, US shipping was $99 for the GF unit and then another $99 if you got the filter.

It looks like you supplied a US address initially, which is why you’ve gotten the email ahead of those Canadians who supplied an in-country Canadian address.

thank you, I see, I misread thinking there are 2 separate 99$ shipping charges. they are both the same…


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