Guess who's comming to dinner?


Well I’m totally surprised. I received my e-mail today & I’m very excited. I ordered my GF Oct 5, 2015 at 9:04a.m. Now like everyone else who received their e-mails I have to make room for it. I already have my cart & I know where I’m putting it in my house. I run my electricity off SOLAR so I can run my A/C all day & all night to make sure I keep my home cool for my GF. I think this long wait will be worth it. Look out inlays here I come.

Have a great evening,



Congratulations! :sparkles::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::boom:


Oh boy! I’m Oct 5 at 11:18, but I haven’t gotten my email yet. Not holding my breath yet, but… we’ll, ok, I’ll start holding my breath.


Ok, I just checked again and poof!! It’s there! I got the email. Woot!


Congrats to you both! Let the lasering begin!


I like that you’re taking light from the sun and converting it to a focused electromagnetic beam to burn things. It’s like a very complicated magnifying glass.


Congrats! :grinning::sparkles::balloon::tada::boom:


That’s great news!!


Yeah!!! Excited for you!


Can you imagine the worlds largest most powerful laser engraver for under $3000