Guitar Engraving

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Is the pick guard a traditional pick guard or did you use some other material. Also, could you mind sharing the settings you used on the guard? NICE WORK!

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Settings for non-proofgrade materials can’t be discussed here, only in the Beyond the Manual forum.

oops…sorry. NEWBIE

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thanks. it was literally just 1/16 acrylic. it was done as a vary engrave. your settings will “vary” (pun intended) based off of the image you use to engrave it. i did a lot of testing to find the right settings for this specific image. which also included doing multiple variations of the image with multiple variations of settings. i probably did 6-7 sets of three 1" square tests. so 3" by 1" engraves with three different 1" squares. each time i would change settings or edit the image in between (or sometimes both).

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Thanks for the reply!

newest guitar: lucky 13.


I’m not a guitar player, so don’t laugh…would the player’s knuckles get shredded by the Nevada plate? (Not that Alabama would be better or worse, but…you know…)


You don’t grind your playing hand over the guitar surface…

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that and there really aren’t sharp edges.

the license plate is a “pick guard,” which is meant to protect the guitar body from the pick hitting it and scratching / gouging the wood.


What settings

Settings can only be discussed in “Beyond the Manual” section (per forum rules).

It might be easier to just send the OP (original poster) a PM (private message).

And welcome to the community! Do you plan on engraving more guitars?

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settings depend on the wood. every guitar is made of a different wood, so you’ll need to find something that works for that kind of wood (or something similar).


absolutely beautiful!!

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So how big are these guitar bodies? I always wanted to make and learn bass guitar.

i’d have to go take a ruler to them to give you a real number, but tele and strat bodies (sans necks) fit inside fine. you can’t engrave the whole thing at once, but there’s room behind the cutting area to fit the additional size.

you can get the size specs of a bass body and but a rectangle of paper and slide it in to make sure it fits and will close.