Guitar Se7en * Roy Rogers

“Oh, the great sequin cowboy who sings of the plains
Of roundups and rustlers and home on the range
Turn on the TV, shut out the lights
Roy Rogers is riding tonight”


Can’t wait to see this one come to life! Where are you putting all of these? You must have quite the gallery space.

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Gallery space, yes, they are exhibited in the north west corner of stately Geek manor, in the vestibule (in other words, they are in the entrance hallway of my house)


These look great!

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*and before I get comments, I am NOT an artist, and I have a slight hand shaking issue, which makes it even more difficult, i’m trying to find a printer locally who can UV /dye sublimate the picture for me.


Love the color! Matches the “original” perfectly!


updates, and OCD kicks in…
(I lowered the picture, too much of trigger was being cut out)

ok, Roy Take #2 . . .

Not sitting on my laurels,

(I thought it would be cool to have bullets as the fret holder for the lower fret)


Very original. :grinning:

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just an update, I gave up on the idea of painting – and just used a higher burn / engrave to give it more contrast, the ring is gold acrylic using my bitmap engrave / vector score to bring out the details


Worked on the lower fret plate,

You´re on a roll @Deleted. Love all the variations on the themed guitars.
Your passion is contagious. Looking forward to your next creations. Congratulations!


“They’ve gone about as fer as they can go.” – OKLAHOMA

An artist friend has taken pity on me, and my painting abilities, and has offered to do the painting on Roy, so off it goes to her studio… Here is as ‘fer’ as I can go…

Artist sent me an update :slight_smile:

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