Guitar switch plates

Having a Glowforge leads to decorative temptation sometimes.
We were decorating the music room for an upcoming jam and decided to make a couple of custom switch plates to replace the boring originals.
Both are made from 6mm acrylic; the electric guitar was made from some matte finish material and the acoustic guitar from gloss finish. The acoustic guitar has quite a bit of detail that is invisible here because I didn’t fill in the scores (yet; may do this in the near future). I engraved a recess in the backs to clear the metal plates of the dimmer and switch; this allows the plates to sit flush with the wall because I used the screws that hold the switches to the boxes instead of the wall plate screw positions.
Here are the design files:


Rock on! :sunglasses:


Very nice!! Not sure I could squeeze any more guitars in this house … unless it was one of these! Thank you for the share!


Thank you for this—they are great! I’m with @ptodd, guitar switch plates are the only thing there’s room for here.


Thank You for the share, real nice.

These are great but just FYI, it looks like the acoustic got messed with by the forum software and I almost missed it due to it coming out so small.


They look great!

I’m thinking I need to make some of these for my husband’s recording studio. Thanks for sharing!