Gunmetal acrylic source?

Do any of you have a reasonably priced source for gun metal acrylic? I know Inventables carries it, but i’m hoping to find a cheaper source for it.

found this through the googler:


Yeah I ended up finding that too. I’d need 9 sheets, so unfortunately that’s still pretty pricey compared to plain black.

Looks like Acrilex is a short run/custom manufacturer and the only one making a brushed metal product.

An alternative would be to apply Oracal 352 in brushed chrome (I got mine here), to a piece of acrylic or even Draftboard. It looks a lot like gunmetal finish and I’ve been really pleased with it.

Here’s an example (the box I made using @timjedwards’s excellent instructions and files); the outer ring, the gears, and the inside background were Draftboard covered with the film.


I’ve got a couple of rolls of that…it’s dirt cheap if you buy the perforated rolls. (But it’s a PITA to try to get it down flat on the material - bubbles everywhere.) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Have you tried the wet application method?


I use these guys, They can get some really unique acrylics. I am normally ordering several full sheets but they will cut sheets to what ever you want and UPS them to you. they have really good customer service and know their stuff.

Not sure they carry what you are looking for but its worth a call


How thick?

Quarter 1/8” sheets are $34.75:

Quarter 1/16” sheets are $21.73:

Silver laserable foil $34.09/roll:

I really like the Rowmark branded acrylics.

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You know, I’ve floated polyimide films onto borosilicate plates for the printer…never thought to try it with these. I’m going to have to give that a shot next time I try to make something shiny. :sunglasses::+1:

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I usually just cut out whatever acrylic I have on hand and then spray paint/airbrush it with metallic paint