Hackaday STL finger joints

For those of y’all that enjoy working in all 3-dimensions. Seems super cool.

The solution that he landed on was writing a python script called Plycutter that can take in an STL file and output a series of DXF files needed by the cutter. It does the hard work of deciding how to cut out all those oddball joints.


Someone already posted this but that is cool as this looks very promising. Write an interface for it so idiots like me can slog through it and it should be great.



Use the damn search button, @jbmanning5!

Done. Properly admonished in @evansd2 style :joy:


Dunnu I bookmarked it, it looks rather interesting.

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If I can figure out how the heck even to install it (MacOS), I’ll definitely give it a try!


It’s been awhile but I think there is a base :snake: layer that needs to be installed otherwise the Mac doesn’t know what to do with the script. It has been quite a while since I’ve played with anything python though so things change and I could be wrong.


It looks like installing a current python with homebrew is probably the best option.


Both of my sons and one daughter-in-law are currently trying to help me get this installed, via our family Slack channel. I was lamenting the loss of my former technoskills since changing professions, and my eldest informed me that I still have them; “They’re just dormant. You’re like John Wick when his puppy was alive.”

So apparently I have to watch 3 movies now, to figure out what he meant by that. But first, Plycutter.


Okay, it’s successfully installed, and the test file worked, but it doesn’t seem to like large polyhedrons. :frowning:

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Beautiful metaphor and you’ll understand it in the first movie.


I’ll probably still have to watch all 3, though. Can’t leave a good story unfinished!


I have only seen the first movie and, got it immediately. Those movies are not so much about the story …


I think maybe I’ve figured out why I couldn’t get it to work. I think the STL model you give it actually has to have walls the thickness of the wood you want to make the model for. I was just thinking it would take the outer shell of the 3D model and run with it, but when I looked at the test model, I realized I was probably wrong. Gonna try to test it now, will report back!


Get it together over there!


Okay, I’m 1700 miles from my Glowforge, so someone else needs to test this. Here’s the shape I fed it:

And here’s the SVG (designed for 3 mm material):


The finger joints are…interesting. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ha. That’s great. I don’t feel so stupid when I have to mess with Python3 and Python2 installs.

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I downloaded both python and the joint stuff… Couldn’t figure out how to work either one.

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It’s hard enough with a Linux machine. I have endless problems if I try it some projects on Windows. Don’t have enough time to figure it out always.

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You will. And they are worth the watch.

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True dat. Definitely a stunt crews ultimate resumé/portfolio film. So good, and scary realistic.

Best line is in the third movie, Parabellum: Not really a spoiler but I’ll blur it anyway, because it was really funny when I heard it the first time. Sofia(after destroying a dude): “He shot my dog.” JohnWick, totally deadpan: “I get it.”

Sorry… 'twas a tangent I can relate to.