Had I purchased Bitcoins instead of the GF (spoiler: either way, I still wouldn't had a laser printer)

For about a week now my email “estimator” showed dec 6th, and now it disappeared. got no email, not even in my spam . yes, I wrote to support@glowforge.com . probably has to do with the fact that I’m in Canada. maybe trump is to blame, who knows…

to entertain myself I just wasted 5 minutes figuring out what would have happened if on October 22nd 2015, instead of putting down 1994$$$ on the spur of the moment on a laser printer that I didn’t know I need, I had placed that money in bitCoins.

as of today that would be worth 95’344.37 $ !!!that’s 122’493.68 canadian dollars! the exchange rate was a bit higher back in 2015, so take off a few…

either way I still cannot laser cut nothing…

I was never frustrated when the periodical email from Dan would come in, apologizing profusely for having to delay juuust a few more months, juuust to make sure that what we will eventually receive is nothing less that the best thing ever to happen to mankind…
however being given an actual date, and checking on that date constantly for weeks, just to realize it was sort of meaningless, that’s more disappointing.

my kids were 12 and 10 when I purchased the GF. for the past 2 years the running joke in my house is how I got finessed 2G for an imaginary machine (“finessed 2G” is how teenagers speak these days. as a father all I’ll tell you is “you win some you lose some”).

anyhows, I’m not complaining: There are more important things in life… I’m just amusing myself on a snowy Sunday morning during my coffee rituals…
please read my post in a lighthearted way.

enjoy your Sunday!

edit: purchased on 10/22/2015, not 11/22/2015


Weird. I thought most Canada dates were April now May or something like that. I wonder why you had a December date.

Did you get the robo response from support when you emailed?

yes, the “…experiencing higher than normal volume of questions…” kind. I actually feel bad bothering them, at this point.

BTW, does the receipt number that came with with the original purchase confirmation represent my place in line so to speak? if my receipt said “receipt [#1111-2222]” does it mean I was purchaser number 1111 or 2222?

I think somebody was trying to work out the invoice #'s, but I’m not sure how it came out. I think at some point the sequencing got messed up when they changed commerce vendors. The crowdsourced spreadsheet used order date.

That makes me sad :frowning: as a canadian I am very glad I live close enough to the border to have just picked mine up. If I didn’t I would have gotten a refund by now

I was thinking of doing that: I live in Montreal, 40 minutes from the border and I’ve done that a few times. for photo equipment and even a car: with a 2000$ piece of equipment I was afraid of duties and regulations etc.

I just paid regular tax on it and went right through. no issues.

I have also done it for a car and that was way more annoying lol

Living so close to the border it saddens me you have not seen the posts of fellow Canadians that have picked up there GFs weeks ago and traveled back across. To say my Gforge has changed my artistic life would be an understatement, and I wish that for you and anyone else who has not gotten that joy yet. Is it still an option to change your shipping location?

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