Had No Idea Edge Lit Acrylic was so Awesome

I didn’t understand what was so cool about LED edgelit signs all of you were making. Until I got a base and didn’t know they can cycle colours. I didn’t make anything for it yet. I stole my 9 year old son’s tie fighter (hey he stole it from me :smirk:) to test it. So awesome


Edgelit really is awesome, you should see some of the fluorescent acrylic lit with black light. :star_struck:


Yes, you have been sucked in…


It’s my favorite!


Be careful. I seem to be stuck in Edge lit acrylic mode and just keep making them. Everyone loves them and I have a huge supply of 1/4 acrylic.


Haha I’m in that rabbit hole right now but lucky I only have the acrylic Glowforge provided so I can only make so many right now. I’m looking for 4mm thick as the bases are meant for 5/32 inch not 1/8 inch.

Sadly addicted :crazy_face:


I get the addiction thing with these…they’re really great. I too love edge lit stuff.


BUT how many types of LED lighting have you bought, so far?

That’s the part that I’m having trouble with! :wink:

I have one roll of RGBs with a remote that I haven’t dedicated to a permanent installation since the initial framed thingy I made using a Processing script for the design. The rest are only boring white ones.

I have been reading up on ESP32s. I think that might be cost effective for rolling my own programmable bases.

I’ll post about the latest project. Might have all forty of them finished by tomorrow.

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Have you tried el wire? I’m intrigued by it; would love to see my “Gwendolyn” light with a solid light source wrapped around it, rather than strings of LEDs!

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Not yet. I’ve had a few bouts of frustration with Adafruit’s address validation routine. I’ve been pouting and haven’t gone back. Didn’t want to put the time in for due diligence in vetting Amazon suppliers. After the Glowforge bug bit me, it’s been LEDs ever since. In any case, the Tron guy beat me to what I would have done with it anyway, so I’m not even going to try.

I still have a bunch of stuff I bought but never finished a project completely. For example, I got everything for a RC car built from scratch, 3D printed and laser cut. The drive gear hole is too big for the motor drive shaft. Got sidedtracked in the latest LED project and then Zatoichi got sick.

I have all the parts ready, hardware, electronics. It is to be my first try at any remote controlled car or anything of that type. For want of a nail. I did 3D print a bushing that works, but I’m sure it will get eaten once the motor spins up.


Do you ever sleep ?
John :upside_down_face:


I get to catch up on Saturday mornings and Mondays usually. But my nights are short. :sleeping: