Had No Idea Edge Lit Acrylic was so Awesome


I didn’t understand what was so cool about LED edgelit signs all of you were making. Until I got a base and didn’t know they can cycle colours. I didn’t make anything for it yet. I stole my 9 year old son’s tie fighter (hey he stole it from me :smirk:) to test it. So awesome


Edgelit really is awesome, you should see some of the fluorescent acrylic lit with black light. :star_struck:


Yes, you have been sucked in…


It’s my favorite!


Be careful. I seem to be stuck in Edge lit acrylic mode and just keep making them. Everyone loves them and I have a huge supply of 1/4 acrylic.


Haha I’m in that rabbit hole right now but lucky I only have the acrylic Glowforge provided so I can only make so many right now. I’m looking for 4mm thick as the bases are meant for 5/32 inch not 1/8 inch.


Sadly addicted :crazy_face:


I get the addiction thing with these…they’re really great. I too love edge lit stuff.