Had to Make an X-Wing too

File here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:603237

Pair united!

The boy first time seeing it in action!


Very nice! I wonder how that would turn out in colored acrylic? :grinning:


I need to try other colours! I already had these ‘stolen’ by my boy


They make a bunch of cool fluorescent colors. :drooling_face:


Way cool! Did he like the machine?

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Wow. Just incredible in acrylic! Did you have to weld or did everything snug together or…?

What is the overall size of each?

He loved it!

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Really look nice together, too!

I had to weld the body but that’s because I had a little warp in the acrylic. The wings locked in but I glued them too since he was already flying them sounding going pew pew and I’m sure he’ll drop them at one point


The Tie Fighter is 2 x 2.5 inch. The X-wing is 4 x 1 inch

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Did you have any issues with the svg file? When I try to upload it, I get the unexpected error message. Weird thing is that I had JUST uploaded another svg file like 2 minutes before.

I didn’t have an issue but I did modify the file in Illustrator to separate the two toys and saved them as 2 separate SVGs. Then I imported The files seperately. The original file had both and I wanted to save material.

Thanks for the reply. I tried again and it finally went. I’m gonna do this as soon as I get home today. Pew Pew Pew.

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That is sooo cool!

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Thanks for this. I just made them in mirrored acylic and they look wonderful!

The tie fighter worked perfectly

The x-wing not so much. The wing tabs did not work - too little space between the tabs, but after one tab broke on each I was able to glue the wings together, and with glue it didn’t matter that the front tab to hold the three layers together didn’t fit either :slight_smile: