Had to try my hand at a music box

I decided to use the Harry Potter theme. It was one of my son’s favorite movies when he was younger. I made it out of walnut. It’s been stained and coated. Doing this it actually came out darker than I planned.


Very nice! :grinning:


Thanks jules

You got a really nice finish on that…the gloss looks good. Very professional.


Thanks , but up close I have some spots I that just didn’t come out right. Mainly because of the grain of the wood and the dark stain I used. But I’m happy with it.:slight_smile:


Such a nice box, a real collector’s item! When you said music box I was expecting to see a little hand crank music box in there but I gather this is for storage of CDs and such, right?

I have one of those hand crank music boxes that you put the song on paper (and you can make your own) through. Keep meaning to make a box for it, and a walnut one like your would look great. Gotta stop being lazy!


Turned out very nice!

I’ve about decided to drop some dark brown acrylic on my next walnut engrave … before removing the masking. See if I like that better.


Lovely finish on that, it’s a nice looking thing indeed.


It’s a wind up harry potter theme movement. It’s hidden.:):grin:


I really like the finish actually. Very nice!


Even more cool!

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This is so elegant. I’m impressed!

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Very nice job. Finish is great!

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It’s been my experience that with walnut you don’t need a stain. It will darken over time with just a clear laquer or poly.

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Hi. I found your Harry Potter music box on the free laser forum but i can’t find your files to download. Did you share this file?


Where is the free laser forum? The designer of this file shared his project here in the Made on a Glowforge category, but that is not the same as sharing files.

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Sorry. I thought it was on the share forum.

They were shared years ago. i guess they have been removed. not sure why you cant find them. I not sure were i have this file saved. sorry about that.

No problem. Awesome project though.

This looks great! How thick is the walnut?