Had to try my hand at a music box


I decided to use the Harry Potter theme. It was one of my son’s favorite movies when he was younger. I made it out of walnut. It’s been stained and coated. Doing this it actually came out darker than I planned.


Very nice! :grinning:


Thanks jules


You got a really nice finish on that…the gloss looks good. Very professional.


Thanks , but up close I have some spots I that just didn’t come out right. Mainly because of the grain of the wood and the dark stain I used. But I’m happy with it.:slight_smile:


Such a nice box, a real collector’s item! When you said music box I was expecting to see a little hand crank music box in there but I gather this is for storage of CDs and such, right?

I have one of those hand crank music boxes that you put the song on paper (and you can make your own) through. Keep meaning to make a box for it, and a walnut one like your would look great. Gotta stop being lazy!


Turned out very nice!

I’ve about decided to drop some dark brown acrylic on my next walnut engrave … before removing the masking. See if I like that better.


Lovely finish on that, it’s a nice looking thing indeed.


It’s a wind up harry potter theme movement. It’s hidden.:):grin:


I really like the finish actually. Very nice!


Even more cool!


This is so elegant. I’m impressed!


Very nice job. Finish is great!


It’s been my experience that with walnut you don’t need a stain. It will darken over time with just a clear laquer or poly.