Hairpicks & their display

Just wanted to share something I was having fun with the last few days to have at a show this weekend–have to confirm where I found this pattern to credit the designer appropriately–but had to try this Dragon “hair pick” in multiple materials. Tested with 3mm mdf, did quite a few out of that and ended up using nail polish to get the colors. I also did a couple in medium maple ply, and a few in a translucent blue (about 4mm) I got the other day from Kel-Tech Tacoma’s scrap bins. (And I did have to sand down most of the points on the acrylic ones and sign as the very fine points were bit too dragon-sharp).

Used the 3mm mdf to make the holder, design from the catalogue–I didn’t adjust the design for the material thickness, so bit of sanding to get it assembled, and not everything flush–but bit of spray paint over it and put a fork in it and called it done for this purpose.

And took the head from the hair pick design and merged with a rectangle to make the sign–added four slots so I can zip tie it to the “legs” of the display stand.


Wonderful picks and a great stand design/solution!


Agreed! It all works together very well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nice use of the catalog design too!

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These look great! Quite the display!

After a day at a show with real use, a display with larger holes, or likely an open box with rice inside would be easier for customers, since the little curve and end at the end of these picks may be great to help hold them in your hair, but great at catching the edge of the hole when trying to take out… But I’ll use the stand as-is for pencils/brushes in my studio!!

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