Halloween earrings

Despite Halloween being just one day, as my wife pointed out, I made her these earrings from acrylic. It’s a simple technique I am sure many of you employ - engrave, spray paint, remove remaining mask.
I also did a set of Jack O’Lanterns and a Zombie, no photos handy…


They look fantastic! But we need a banana for scale. :wink:


Fun! Especially love the skeletons!

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Very cute! I like the skeletons too. :grinning:

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The details in that skeleton are phenomenal. Job well done, sir!


Yeah, both are cool, but the skeletons are especially spooctacular. Really clean and well done.

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I love the earrings! Just for Halloween? Naw, those are for everyday!

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What are the earrings hanging on? Those look pretty great too!

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Both look great, however I really like the “ghosts”