Halloween end of life in acrylic

I had an idea float into my head for Halloween that I wanted to try with some 1/4" thick smoke acrylic. I found some in the scrap bin at the local Tap plastic store and then started doing some searches for greyscale skeletons on the web. I found one I liked and after 15-20 minutes in photoshop I was able to get it to resemble something I thought I could 3D etch. Here’s the final pic if anyone wants to use it.

I cut a coffin shape around it with a hole for a keychain to go through, then etched the skeleton into it using speed 300 power 80 and greyscale vary power setting for a nice deep etch. After that I left the protective paper on it, masked the sides with blue tape and spray painted it to fill in the etch for a back fill.

after letting it dry I peeled off the protective coating and was pretty happy with the results.

Also, I put a layer of glow paint in before the white fill so it glows in the dark :slight_smile:

It would probably make for good party favors…halloween%20skeleton%20keychain


Thanks for sharing.
Had no intention of doing any additional Halloween stuff but I liked your image.
Gave it a try on some two color 0.060 acrylic and liked the result.
Inverted it and burned it into some draftboard while I was at it.

Came out nice. Thanks again for a few hours of fun.


Oh wow! All of these projects are amazing!


Thanks for the files of this neat little project


I love a good share! Thanks @macphee for sharing the project and files. Very cool of you @brokendrum to share your project from the share. (Share of the share? Not the best phrasing, but I just love it when folks share shares.)


that came out great! :smiley:

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Actually hit the 3D a tad hard. If you look close you can see some slag//melt anomaly.
But for bone, it looks better than just a flat engrave and gave it more of a rounded look.
Anther great perk of not knowing what I am doing until I do it half the time.


Love the glow in the dark paint addition! Perfect!

@brokendrum yours looks awesome also!