Halloween Prep: The Omnitrix

GoodNESS, but things like this will be so much easier with my glowforge.

:smiley: Kid Wonder has a new imaginative play obsession. I’m not sure how many of you have had the pleasure of meeting our dear Ben 10, here, but his alien technology not-quite-a-watch thing is super fun. He gets to spin it and select an an alien and then slam his hand on it and shape shift!!!

We are big fans of shape shifting.

We are learning this dance, we two… when it is DONE ENOUGH, MOM, KTHXBAI.

:slight_smile: I got him to color the red level.

Fleece lined for comfort. :slight_smile:


Aw, this is awesome! I hope he has tons of fun this Halloween. It’s the best holiday of the year :slight_smile:


So cool. My boy would love that too. He is a huge fan.

I know I said I wasn’t going to make alien parts, but I just had to make at least a set of arms.


He approves.


Yes, but we want to see him in the arms!

Edit: Oops, I see them now–you colored them silver!

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:slight_smile: That was before I got the muscle layer and the red on. He and I have to negotiate making time with playing time DURING each build process, it turns out. :wink:

I’ll get a better picture with him in the whole thing by Monday, I’m sure. I still need to get him a white shirt and paint some black stripes on it… :smiley:


This having my own kid thing is pretty rad.


Yes, and watching their development teaches us alot about ourselves.
You have the paramount responsibility of being the parent instead of a playmate - it’s grandparenthood where you get the pass to experience childhood again, and be a poor influence before you hand them back with an innocent look on your face.
Great costume!