Hand cranked laser light show machine

This would lend itself to a Glowforge version. Laser making a laser show machine! Very meta.


That is great!
I have been thinking about cutting plates for a “rose engine” style ornamental lathe on the glowforge. It is basically the same concept but the calculations needed to get the bat symbol are amazing!


This is spectacular. I’m not sure the math is so bad… rotate the image 45 degrees, plot the coordinates on x/y axis, then map the displacements onto a wheel, rotate back… feels plausible, and like someone could write straightforward code to ingest an SVG and output two wheels to draw it!

That someone is probably not me though. :slight_smile:


every once in a while i get annoyed because i know i would have never thought to make something like this. what fun.


Batman equation?



yes…? not sure what you mean.

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Sorry it’s Friday and I’m a beer in…

Use the equation to calculate the gears and such maybe?

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Ok. This is where some type of Processing script could automate the process. I wouldn’t know where to begin! But this is a good start.

ah, yeah, sorry, i just meant i’d never have come up with the project on my own. like it never would have occurred to me!

(what beer)



I was planning low volume drinking, so decided on high quality beer. This one has made my top 5 ever. It’s was perfect balance and incredible flavour. Well as much flavour as you get in a stout.


Life is too short to drink bad beer. Tonight is Urban Chestnut Schnicklefritz. It’s a St. Louis micro started by one of the German brewmasters of AB. His beers are absolutely incredible in recreating the German styles. There is a great beer hall in St. Louis where he has recreated the German feeling. Schnicklefritz was what my grandma used to call me. Her father was from Germany, my great-grandfather!


maybe i’ll stop by the lcbo this weekend. i quite like innis and gunn; haven’t seen this before. our local has the normal on tap.


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