Hand-Delivered X-Carve


Inventables has a deal right now! The CEO will hand deliver an X-Carve for the low, low price of $10000

@dan, are you going to do this, too? :upside_down_face:

Edit: Looks like it sold out before I posted this.


Will deliver mine anywhere in the lower 48 for that much.


I thought it was interesting that the proceeds were going to a charity. Kind of a neat little gimmick.


Wow. 10k for an X-Carve.

The fact that going to a charity is cool, but when he shows up to assemble and setup it would be funny if the new owner was like, ‘Uh Hi? Who are you?’


The question is: Will he put it together for you? Thats the crappiest part of it lol


For 10k I’d expect full assembly. Full tutorial. Easel Pro. And a direct email/phone to him for support.