Handcut with a laser!

plain ol printer paper :smiley:


Nice, clean and unscorched! Remember the settings?

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Oh, it’s lightly scorched on the top side, I just flipped it over :smiley: HAXXOR!

I used engrave rather than cut:
30 / 630


Thank you!

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OH my…that’s cool! Would look cool mounted on a bright piece of red acrylic or something, so the red could be seen through it just a bit.

GAH! At first look, my eyes couldn’t quite focus on what I was seeing. Because the paper was so flat, it looked like you just took a photo of your hand and then photoshopped a white bear onto it. lol

Did you have to add any tabs to the bear to keep it attached to the host sheet, to keep it from flying around the hopper?

Nope, just magnets on the corners of the sheet and away she went.


Nice! :slight_smile:

Say what?!? SO GREAT.
Thank you for sharing. I cannot wait to get my Pro!!!

If you happen to create any more marvelous, magical, paper-cut art out of plain ol printer paper, please share…it really helps keep the excitement up, rather than tracking the shipment emails. :slight_smile:


That’s $$$!

OMG…very nice…I can’t wait!

Two more posted if you haven’t seen them, one of a snake I found in google images and a hawk in a tutorial on cutting paper. Hope they kill a couple of minutes before you go back to checking email. :smiley:

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I love that you provided a tutorial. Thank you!

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Sweet detail! There’s a great deal of potential here for doilies and elaborate holiday cards.


Popup holiday cards were the target while messing around with these. :smiley:


do you remember the setting you use in this one?

I wrote an article on it: