Not sure if the current design has handles or not, but I’d love for there to be a scoop along each side of the bottom to help me hold on to a Glowforge when I need to move it.

It sounds like the (very expensive) injection mould has already been made, and the video we’ve seen so far doesn’t have handles on it. I agree that they’d be handy since the GF has to be lifted off of the filter in order to change the filter components, but it seems highly unlikely.

at 55lbs it’s not crazy heavy but it’s a lot more than I want to lift regularly. Maybe I’ll see about a table with wheels.

There is a little bit of a lip alone the bottom, so you can pretty easily get purchase to lift it off the table.

But at 3 feet wide and 9 inches deep, it would be incredibly uncomfortable to lug it around directly. I suppose you could hold it from one side so it is only 20" wide, but then it sticks out 3 feet away from your body, so you need to hold at a pretty steep angle.

Either scenario is not something I picture myself doing with a $5,0000 machine.

If it needs moved, I will be getting a cart with wheels and doing a very nervous transfer from table to cart, or I will certainly be getting a second person to help (and even then, likely only to move to a cart)


We strongly recommend you use two people to move it, which makes it very easy to move.

We do not always follow our own recommendations, though, and haven’t dropped one yet. : )