Hanging Circular Calendar

For the life of me I can’t find the post that got me intrigued by this design. (thanks @cynd11 for finding @bmcgrain’s post which you link later.) Someone was going to do it parametric in Fusion. I wanted to try it in Inkscape. Worked up the design yesterday and tested in cardboard. Tried to print it in Proofgrade, but I’m still trying to get the settings dialed in for my early pre-release. I tweaked the sizing to use a full bed of material and make it one print. It might not be the most pleasing design, but It would work for a quick gift or maybe a manipulative for kids learning the days and months and how to keep track of calendar time.

I put a few colors in here mainly so you can turn off parts of the design to use up scraps. The pink engraving is for a relief so the rings will slid since the spacers are the thickness of the moving rings. There are many different examples of this type of calendar.


Here is a cardboard version. The smaller circle, the football shape and the three small arcs are the spacers in between bottom and top plates.

Spacers on top of bottom plate.



I absolutely understand the principle, but I cannot work out how these pieces fit together - must be having a real dense moment because I’m sure it should be obvious.

Looking forward to a photo when you get your PG sorted.

My granddaughter is just the right age for this


Very, very cool! :sunglasses::+1:


I think it was this one:

I too am having trouble visualizing how it goes together, but I’m thinking if I had the cut pieces in front of me it would probably be pretty clear. Must put this on the list, thanks for the design!


Oh thank you! I would love to do one of these in orange fluorescent acrylic for my library. :grin:


Check top post for update with pics.


I wish I could like this twice. I liked the original post, but this one pulls it all together. I really want to make one of these, and can see lots of minor changes to make the each unique.



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Wow! Thank you so very much! Hoping to have our Pro before Thanksgiving … so, I can do a few of these for Christmas gifts.

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I thought at least I could do some decorations of it or put a quote but I’m just too distracted with getting my settings figured out. There are a few things I will adjust once I get the wooden or acrylic model finished. The central holder has lots of options for decorations. And getting the font size adjusted for the viewing windows. Plus widening that central holder might be beneficial for focusing on the days, months and years. Right now they get lost in the space.

Oh, I see it now! The piece on the left is such a pale green that I only saw the engraves. Now it makes sense. Thanks! I keep forgetting to try things in cardboard…


Awesome look! Is the file available? I am using a phone and can’t seem to find the file :slightly_smiling_face:

Right click on the first diagram and choose Save Image As.

Ah right click :japanese_ogre:

Or whatever the phone equivalent is…(and i have no idea.) :smile:

Just checked, long finger press :slightly_smiling_face:

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Get a download error so I’ll go to my of :japanese_ogre:

Probably my phone’s issue :japanese_ogre:

Are you able to download other SVGs with your phone? Might now work with it displayed as a native image. I usually don’t zip them up because I am always tweaking and fixing the files so it is a lot easier if I just keep it as an SVG.

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Issue is my phone no worries, I’ll pc it :grin: