Hanging on the Edge


I’ve been rebuilding my home network recently and had some new components I needed to organize. So, I took to the laser to make some custom mounting brackets. Pretty simple design and based on the same concept I’d used for my Oculus hanger to hold onto the edge of a wire shelf unit.

Some holes that line up with the rack ear mount points and a hook to hang over the edge of the shelf. Seems to do the trick.

The next one needs a flat surface to mount to. I’ll see what I can come up with :slight_smile:


I’ve got a couple of switches at work that need mounting brackets and I never thought to use my GF to create a solution. Thanks for the idea!


Nice to be able to just whip off a solution!


That looks like a great mounting solution. :grinning:


Cool idea!


Beginning to think that the :upside_down_face: is more than a ‘trademark’ for me.

Each visit to this thread, I’ve wondered why you’ve got your cable tidy that way up.
Now the penny has dropped, and I see that the ‘wire’ is the shelf front edge.

Must read more carefully, and not just look at the pretty pictures.