Let me first start out by saying how much I appreciate coming to this forum each day. I may not contribute as much to the conversations as many others do, but truly value how much of a community this forum is. I know that there are a team of people out there ready to help when needed. Thanks to all of you. Here is a free ornament to say thank you for everything. :love_you_gesture:


Happiness-Ornament Happiness-Ornament.zip (7.7 KB)


Well, thank you very much! I certainly appreciate your contributions.


Very nice! :grinning:


so kind of you to share and a lovely sentiment. Thank you - happy -all the- holidays to you!


Thank you!


Cool thanks


Thanks for the Happiness - and thanks for your contributions to this forum.


Thanks for the file.


Bumping this, just because it makes me happy that @pubultrastar made this file and shared it with everyone.