Happy Easter everyone!


I own my GF for a little more than a week now and I’m mostly experimenting with paper, but today I decided to make a small prezzie for my mom when I go over for easter lunch today :slight_smile:
Thick basswood (0,2"), used the proofgrade settings for thick cherry plywood, that worked well. Hight of the taller one is 5"

Happy Easter! :egg: :rabbit2: :egg:


Adorable and unique! Happy Easter to you too!


Love them! I am sure you mom will also


How adorable!!! Happy Easter!!


I love them


Those are so cool! Hope everyone has a Happy Easter! :rabbit: :grinning:




Very nice! coat hanger wire legs?


No, it’s paper covered wire painted black, but I’m sure you could use coat hangers.


These are beautiful! The colors and textures add an earthy feel.