Happy Easter 🐰


Wow, you know how you mean to post more often, but don’t? Oh well, here’s a little holiday cheer for you guys :rabbit2:

(And my Instagram logo, which I’ll post about another time :sweat_smile:) I used 1000 speed, 340lpi, and full power. Probably could dial back on the lpi and power a bit, and the smell isn’t the greatest, but still pretty fun!


Love it! Happy Hoppy Day! :rabbit2: :rabbit: babies


Here’s come Peter Cottontail (the nice one, not the mean one in the current movie :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) :rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit2::rabbit:


I’m eating Easter candy. :smile:
:rabbit2: :rabbit: babies babies
(the bunnies are doing their thing.)


We mostly stopped that. Just one chocolate bunny & a Lindt egg with a small bag of jellybeans.

When the kids were here it was like a Halloween candy explosion :grinning:


You know my husband had never had a Peep until this morning? (And I had to force him to eat one, bucket list you know …he’s not much into sweets…well, with the exception of M&Ms.)



Did he look like this?:sunglasses:


Stick a bunch of chocolate chips on a plate and then place a peep on it. Pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and the peep swells up and the chocolate melts and it’s a delicious marshmallow & chocolate dipping/dragging sauce.

Or as my kids used to call them Peeps on Poops :grinning:


:smile: Close! He was fussing the whole time about the sugar. (The same guy who will scarf down half a Sam’s club sized bag of M&Ms in one sitting.)

And I just realized he spit out a live chick! (Man! That’s unsanitary!) :rofl:

I was thinking of turning them into some kind of Peep S’mores, (Cause after we each ate our celebratory Peep this morning, we’ve got about ten left.)

But Peeps on Poops sounds pretty cute too. :smile:


Ooo peanut m&m’s in the freezer for movie night! Oh yeah!:sunglasses:


Are you a relation? :wink:


Could be… dad was quite “popular”. :wink:


My dad too! Maybe we’re related. :wink:


Fun! You were certainly having fun!