Happy Glowgforgeiversary

Yes it’s been one year for me…:slight_smile: Looking back on my posts this morning has been a fun(ny) exercise. It’s definitely the most active I’ve ever been on any forum I’ve belonged to. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the entertaining and educational posts. I’ve learned a lot and truly enjoyed all the reading and project pictures. It was a little lonely the first couple of months but things definitely picked up once the crowdfunding was active. Proud to be a Glowforger and part of the great Glowforge community.


How did you end up getting connected to the forum so early? Where did you first hear about Glowforge. Congrats! Thanks for your participation.


I was trying to figure that out this morning. I’ve been following @Dan’s exploits since his Sparkbuy days so it could have been there. I was also debating between purchasing a CNC or a laser last year and being an analyst I tend to over research things but in this case it might have been where I stumbled onto the Glowforge. It also could have been a happy coincidence between the two. If I had to guess it was probably @Dan’s twitter feed.