Happy March


Happy March everyone! Time is flying by so fast! I am so anxious to get a GlowForge!


Ug, and that’s why I should not have set up a monthly alarm to pay rent on the 29th of the month. Silly short month.


shame it wasn’t a leap year


I have great landlords, no problems except for my desire to have a check for them on the first day of the payment period as opposed to a few days into it.


In March the wind blows down the door
And spills my soup upon the floor.


Whoa… there are still people who pay for recurring things manually?!


Yup. With a hand-signed paper check in a paper envelope stamped with a Janice Joplin commemorative stamp that was purchased in person at a Post Office, and sent via US Mail.


Okay… Hang on a sec… It’s not even an electronic check?! You use the… postal service?! Oh, the simpler times. I now envy your lifestyle.


Happy Birthday to you sir…please enjoy.


Happy birthday, Marion…and many happy returns of the day. :relaxed:


I hope you have a very Happy B’Day @marmak3261. :blush:


I hope you have a very Happy Signup Day @davidgal2 . :blush:


I also hope you have a very Happy B’Day @marmak3261. :grin:


Happy Birthday!


LOL, Happy Happy all around! Celebrating @marmak3261 and @davidgal2 today - woohoo!


Thanks. Last day in Mexico. Home tomorrow to my cat and a laser.


Dude! You can’t mix a cat and a laser! :wink:




i was trying to respond “…AND ILL FORM THE HEAD!” but discourse doesn’t seem to believe that’s an acceptable response. criminy, talk about a tool getting in the way of what it’s designed to do.


Have you been watching the reboot on Netflix? I think they did a great job with it.