Happy new years!


Happy new years!

I had a party to enjoy the new year coming in, and about all I can say , is that has been a very long 2016, and there’s reason to believe, that maybe this year will be better than the last.

The party was also to thank some individuals that helped me get the basement back in order, after the flood.


Let’s hope 2017 isn’t quite so exciting for you! :wink:


I whole heartedly agree!


There was a sign outside a local tavern:

“Goodbye 2016. Nobody likes you.”


Stayed in last night! First time I haven’t gone to a gathering in YEARS. I did end up folding the laundry I forgot in the dryer as the clock ticked over.

Funny. When I got in my car today around noon the clock was reading as 4pm January 1st, 2006.


Your car needs to go back to sleep…lol


Hoping for a much less “exciting” year…lol. Except of course more lasering!!


Go home car - you’re drunk…:grin:


Back to the Future… Does the car have dreams of being a Delorean?


Hatchbacks dream of greater things sometimes!


Really hoping that 2017 is better than 2016!!