Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I’ve just passed three weeks waiting for my shipping tracking email and every day that I don’t see a sign of my :glowforge: Pro on its way home to me is a bummer. However, I’m lucky to have received the Golden Ticket and feeling lucky to have the opportunity to be an early user of such an amazing revolution in maker tech.

In the meantime, I get to see fabulous creations by @joker, @henryhbk, @info4, @ianauch and so many others.

I’m thankful for @Jules and a cadre of other brilliant users (Chris1, jamesdhatch, palmercr, jkopel, rpegg, Scott.Burns, jbv, Secret_Sauce, jacobturner, Tom_A and so many others) for their tutorials, troubleshooting, references, sources, enthusiasm and even sometimes intellectual sparring to stimulate thoughts.

So, I wish I had my Pro today. I certainly hope I have it soon. I’m sorry that all of us don’t have our babies. Some have so much longer to wait. I am however very thankful that @dan, Rita and the team are making this level of WOW possible and that my friends and family will benefit from the result. Making is a beautiful thing.

Happy Thanksgiving :turkey: everyone, even if I’m a day early (early is good :smiley: and I’ll be busy tomorrow).


Same to you Sir!
Pausing to take notice of all you have to be grateful for is mentally healthy. The opposite of focusing on what is missing from your life. Think instead of what could be missing.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Thank you and I hope everyone has a very wonderful Thanksgiving! :grinning:


…and in case this is helpful for keeping spirits :wink: up… https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/nov/22/type-of-alcohol-determines-whether-you-become-merry-or-maudlin-study

Great sentiments! Hope everyone has a great, safe holiday.

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My ship date was just moved up to Christmas Day—Getting closer and closer!

I hope that everyone has a truly wonderful Thanksgiving. Who will be the first to engrave a wishbone?


I’m thankful that everyone really close to me (including the fur covered ones) is in relatively good health. And I’m thankful for this community and all the wonderful experiences I’ve had. Happy Thanksgiving! :turkey::champagne::clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses:


Have a great break everyone. I think it’s safe to say that if you are on this board, you have a lot to be thankful for!


Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving!!

The wait is hard but in my opinion worth it!


Very nice post @sailbyc … happy Thanksgiving to you and to everyone on the forum!


Happy thanksgiving. :turkey::plate_with_cutlery:. Hope you and your have a blessed day together. Your forge will be there before you know it :smile:


Happy Thanksgiving all!


Cute!!! There’s something to be thankful for!


Kudos to you sir!

Great to see someone taking a pause and reflecting on the experience in more than a “I want it now!” mode (easy for me to say, I just got my golden email yesterday :slight_smile:)

Have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow - hope family & friends come together and are healthy and merry!


Wife was pre-cooking for dinner tomorrow. Saw us at the table with big smiles, holding knife and fork. She caved…

Early thanksgiving dinner tonight lol. No pie. That is the price for pushing the chef’s time table.

Everyone stay safe and enjoy the holiday.


Tonight was Thanksgiving Eve Prime Rib for us :slight_smile: Surrounded by vegetarians and vegans (tomorrow) I don’t get a lot of opportunity for prime rib. So I got a nice 2 rib 6 pounder and did a reverse sear slow roast in the Big Green Egg today. Carnivore son (came home from school last night) and I dug in with gusto - it’s prep for tomorrow’s feast. :smile:


Happy Thanksgiving all! Stuffed on turkey and surrounded by family, I’m feeling very grateful for both my personal life, and for getting to work with and for all of you.