Happy Watching Numbers

I hopped onto the forum just now, and got a little happy when I saw that the banner showed Basic has shipped up to Day 20 orders, and Pro orders up to Day 17. Yesterday, this still said, Day 15 for Basic and Day 10 for Pro.



Remember…shipped means that the email requesting your address has been sent. Actual shipping could be up to six weeks from that date based upon a relatively small sample of owners. Check out the forum topics for a detailed discussion of this.

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I ordered a basic on day 17 and still have not gotten an email, so I don’t know how much you should trust those banners

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If you are a US-based order:

  • Check your spam folders
  • Post a question to #problems-and-support if there’s no email in your Spam.
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Yeah, I know that’s what it means. I was more just pointing out the fact that the numbers are moving along again after sitting still for well over 10 days.

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Interesting. Yeah, I would reach out to the GF team about that.

You guys are aware of this, right? Looking for the elusive "spreadsheet"

In your account, where you go to view your estimated shipping date, they should change your status to “Email sent” that way you would know if there was a problem or not.

It doesn’t change unless you refresh the page. Moving around the forum doesn’t update the banner.

I understand that. I close the browser tabs each time I’m done in the forum, only to visit another day.

Yes, and that spreadsheet has been proven many times to be inaccurate.

Source, please.

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Don’t know how inaccurate the spreadsheet is, for me it was “Accurate enough”, even though had some of my info wrong. :slight_smile:

I got my email, awaiting shipping notification or the unit to show up!


Actually it has never been shown to be inaccurate. It is more accurate than Dan, the banner at the top of the page and the forecast on our account page


That’s a misleading statement:

Verifiable? Not really.
Comprehensive? Certainly not.

More data than has ever been provided by Glowforge? Yes, with some utility to be able to predict receipt of emails/shipping dates (within a reasonable margin of error).