Hardwood and MDF Supplies

My wife and I recently purchased a table saw and found a good supplier of 1/4 hardwoods with MDF core as well as 1/8" MDF. If you’re looking for either of these, check our site out…we have free shipping :slight_smile: https://whakestudios.com/product-category/craft-supplies/


Nice! Are your hardwoods prefinished or raw?

They’re raw :grin:

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“The Usual” species are common enough, but I keep my eye out for what I cannot easily purchase elsewhere, Many nice woods are available 1 to 3 inches thick but not in the range of 1/4 to 1/8 and so much that is available is only 3 inches wide at most, when 4 or more is much more useful. Pink Ivory wood might be worth an exception though 2 glued together to make 4 inches, or if you could get them to sell them to you precut…

Reading here I went looking for Black Locust that should be common enough but found 3 others from the list all waiting a piece worthy of the wood.

I’m obviously missing something. I only see ply (and mdf), no hardwood?

They are hardwood ply. Sorry if that was misleading. Not my intention

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“Hardwood with MDF core.” :blush:

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