Harry Potter and The Finally Getting Around To It Project

It has been years since we visited the Harry Potter World, but I suppose it is never too late to get the project posted. Not sure when this was completed anymore, but pretty sure it was a project done during the first wave of the pandemic.

We are fans of HP and I wanted to make a wand holder for me and my son so we can look at our wands and wish we could magically make this pandemic go away and be somewhere more fun with family and friends. One day!

It is a simple design made with 1/4in poplar ply and acrylic




That’s really nice!


OOOOOOH, I need to do this! I have 3 wands at home that need wall mounted stands! Well done!


As a West coast gal I love that the stands kinda look like surfboards, like wizards could be laid back Zen dudes.


Maybe there’s a secret School of Wizardry out there? Take your wands and go find out!

Make it a day-trip thing; go to a place you’ve never been before.

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Wow, such nice curves on that!

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Harry Potter themed project? Yes, please! That wand holder is sweet.

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Love it!

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Love the font too. Nice

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Thanks! It is one of those projects that can languish, but no better time then the present to get it done. They do look fun hanging, too. Worth the time.


Thanks! I like the curves, too. Simple, but does easy on the eyes. Wand friendly!

Thanks! You you know I think you are right, although that seems to be a charachter element missing from the HP series. Who was the surfer dude wizard? There has to be one. Maybe not a Hogwarts, but somewhere. There must be a surf shop on Diagon Alley. We should just ask @HermionesLaser. I think that is Jo Rowling’s handle. If not, @dan I think knows JKR. He can pass on the the question to her!

Thank you!


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I think the font is cool, too! Thanks!

I like! I think the simplicity is perfect.

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Thanks! The simplicity helps show the wand I think. It also made for a simpler project.

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Very nice project that could inspire lots of variations. Great idea for sales at a fair or con booth.

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