Harry Potter coaster set

Proofgrade Medium Maple Plywood on SD Engrave.



Great job! :grinning:

Those are excellent!

Wow, love those. Is this your design or one that others can download from somewhere?

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Thingiverse is where I find most of my designs. Be prepared to spend hours looking through the site https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2326694


The engraving sure looks great on that Maple Ply, i might need to order more!
How long did the whole thing take you? did it take up a whole sheet or more with the base?

Nice work!

I like how you made the base/stand for them… but you missed a perfectly good opportunity to add the HP logo in the front!.. and maybe on that same angle.

The complete set took 55 minutes to cut and engrave. I can get 3 coaster sets and two stands out of one 12" x 20" sheet

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This is true! It’s not my design, it came from Thingiverse. I didn’t even think to add logo’s to the stand. That stand sure does look boring now!

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ha ha… its not boring but its an easy fix to make another one!

Also, I did a quick search and found this HP logo as an SVG file.
(Just right click and “save page as…”)

Love the little stand and the coasters are great!

Quite nice.

They are really nice and I know it was apparently how it was done for the movies, but they had a Griffin in the movies even,so why is the totem for Gryffindor a Lion??s

Wow, those really came out amazing!

These are awesome! I’d love to find the images, but I’m not having any luck


neat coasters :slight_smile: I am still trying to encourage the use of the last coasters I made… but toddlers don’t respect coasters and prefer drink rings on furniture.


Does the wood hold up against water?