Harry Potter themed child’s hanging mobile

Thought I’d share the Harry Potter themed child’s hanging mobile I designed in illustrator and cut on 5mm solid wood cherry and walnut using my Glowforge.


Very cool. Love the brooms!

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Thanks @pubultrastar, it was great fun to design and print.

Very nice! (You’ve got a “snitch”!) And the cross arms are nice too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @Jules, I ended up doubling up the cross arms so I didn’t need to realign to print the quote on both sides.

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Amazing job on this! Your video reminded me of the movie trailers…

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Haha thanks @cynd11, my video production skills are obviously grander then I thought :smile:

Maybe combine it with this.


Very neat!

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Oh man I want this design for my baby’s room! Awesome

is this file available? I am a Harry Potter FAN