Harry Potter Wand Displays


That’s a neat idea! I’m going to give it a shot.


Me too! My students found out I hadn’t read them and challenged me to finish the books before graduation last year. So now that I’ve finally read them I’m watching the movies. :grinning:


We like to watch the movies first, then enjoy the much more detailed book versions…too many times were we disappointed in the movie after reading the books first…lol
Of course with Harry Potter, we are playing the Lego games on the ps3 now too after the movie…lmao.


Two of the saddest days of my life: the day I finished reading the Lord of the Rings, summer of sixth grader and the day I finished that last Harry Potter. Sobbed uncontrollably, knowing I never would have the joy of reading them for the first time again.


I cry because Patrick Rothfuss still hasn’t finished the Kingkiller Chronicles. :sob:


I’ve never heard of this one.


You should check it out. :slight_smile:


I read the first two books a few years ago and remember the sadness I felt when I realized I’d have to wait (and wait…and wait…) for the rest of the story. Despite remembering that, I recently bought both books from Audible and experienced that sadness again - this time in a audiobook format! Yeah, sometimes I don’t make the best decisions. :cry:


is there somewhere I can buy plans for something like this. My friends son just had him make a wish at harry potter world and she asked if i could make him a stand for it. I cant seem to find a design, i am willing to pay for it if anyone knows where i can find one


If you’re interested, I sell the finished boxes on my Etsy store. I can customize if you’re looking for something specific.

If you’d like to design your own, I recommend starting from a box making utility like MakerCase.